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Latest Bitcoin News, On-Chain Data, and Liquidations

WARNING: Bitcoin Liquidations SPARK fears over EXCHANGES!
WARNING: Bitcoin Liquidations SPARK fears over EXCHANGES!

In this article, we will discuss the latest Bitcoin news, on-chain data, and liquidations. We will cover the following topics:

Grayscale Court Victory

Grayscale, a digital asset management firm, recently won a court victory against the SEC. The SEC had denied Grayscale’s application to convert its Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) into a spot Bitcoin ETF. However, the court ruled that the SEC’s decision was arbitrary and capricious. This victory is a major win for the crypto industry and could pave the way for more spot Bitcoin ETFs to be approved in the future.

UK Travel Rule

The UK has implemented a travel rule for crypto asset businesses. This rule requires crypto businesses to collect and share information about their customers’ transactions with other financial institutions. The goal of the travel rule is to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

SEC Claim Against an NFT Offering

The SEC has accused Impact Theory of engaging in unregistered securities transactions through the sale of NFTs. Impact Theory is a media company that sells NFTs that give holders access to exclusive content and experiences. The SEC alleges that these NFTs are securities because they represent an investment contract.

Chinese Court’s Declaration of Crypto as Property

A Chinese court has declared virtual assets as legal property protected by law. This is a major development for the crypto industry in China, as it provides legal certainty for investors and businesses. The court’s decision is also likely to boost the development of the crypto ecosystem in China.

Unusual Liquidation Patterns on Bitmex

Bitmex, a cryptocurrency exchange, experienced an unusual amount of liquidations in recent weeks. These liquidations were mostly long positions, which means that traders were forced to sell their Bitcoin holdings at a loss. The unusual liquidation patterns have raised concerns about the stability of the exchange.

Wallet Holdings

On-chain data shows that large wallets holding over a thousand Bitcoins have shown consistent selling pressure over the past year. This selling pressure could be a factor in the recent price decline of Bitcoin. However, it is important to note that retail investors are not likely to trigger a mass sell-off.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis suggests that Bitcoin could be poised for a move to the upside. A five-wave pattern indicates the possibility of future price swings. Bitcoin is currently testing support at the 200-day moving average on the weekly timeframe. A closed position below this level could signal bearish times for Bitcoin and other altcoins. However, the overall technical analysis remains consistent with previous assessments, which suggest that Bitcoin is still in a bullish trend.


The latest Bitcoin news, on-chain data, and liquidations provide mixed signals for the future price of Bitcoin. However, the overall technical analysis remains bullish. Investors should carefully consider all of the factors before making any investment decisions.

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