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Post: Majority of Cryptocurrency Investors Expect New All-Time Highs for Bitcoin After 2024 Halving

Majority of Cryptocurrency Investors Expect New All-Time Highs for Bitcoin After 2024 Halving

Key Points:

  • A recent market study involving nearly 10,000 cryptocurrency investors suggests that the majority of investors forecast new all-time highs for Bitcoin after the halving event in April 2024.
  • The survey, conducted by the cryptocurrency exchange Bitget, focused on investor sentiment and anticipation of Bitcoin’s next mining reward halving.
  • The study aimed to draw from a representative sample of cryptocurrency investors worldwide and covered a range of demographics.


According to the market study conducted by Bitget, a significant majority of cryptocurrency investors are optimistic about Bitcoin reaching new all-time highs following its halving in April 2024. This sentiment reflects the general belief in the market that Bitcoin’s halving events often trigger price increases due to a decrease in the supply of new coins being created.

The survey’s methodology, encompassing participants from various regions around the world, ensures a diverse representation of cryptocurrency investors. This global perspective adds credibility to the findings and suggests that the optimism around Bitcoin’s future price is a shared sentiment among different investor demographics.

Hot Take:

While it is not surprising that many cryptocurrency investors are optimistic about Bitcoin’s price reaching new all-time highs after the halving in 2024, it is important to note that market predictions are inherently speculative. While the halving events have historically been followed by bull runs, it is impossible to accurately predict the exact impact of future halvings on Bitcoin’s price. Investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions based on these predictions.

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