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Post: Marathon Digital Unveils Anduro: A Multichain Layer-2 Network for Bitcoin Scaling

Marathon Digital Unveils Anduro: A Multichain Layer-2 Network for Bitcoin Scaling

Key Points:

  • Marathon Digital introduces a multichain layer-2 network named Anduro.
  • Anduro utilizes merge-mining, which enables miners to earn revenue from sidechain transactions while continuing to mine BTC.
  • The platform aims to accelerate Bitcoin development and adoption by fostering innovation through multiple sidechains.

Marathon Digital Ventures into Bitcoin Scaling:

Marathon Digital, a prominent player in crypto mining, has launched a new multichain layer-2 network called Anduro. This initiative signifies the company’s foray into Bitcoin scaling solutions.

Anduro’s Merge-Mining Feature:

One notable feature of Anduro is its utilization of merge-mining. This approach allows miners to earn income from processing sidechain transactions while still engaging in Bitcoin mining activities, potentially boosting revenue streams.

Fostering Bitcoin Innovation with Anduro:

Anduro’s primary aim is to expedite the progress and adoption of Bitcoin by acting as an application layer that supports the creation of numerous sidechains. This framework is designed to stimulate innovation and development within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Hot Take:

Marathon Digital’s introduction of Anduro reflects a strategic move to explore new avenues for Bitcoin scalability and innovation. By leveraging merge-mining and multiple sidechains, the platform aims to enhance miners’ revenue opportunities and drive progress in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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