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Post: Near Protocol Enhances Cross-Chain Transactions with Multichain Gas Relayer and Chain Signatures

Near Protocol Enhances Cross-Chain Transactions with Multichain Gas Relayer and Chain Signatures

Key Points:

  • “Multichain Gas Relayer” incorporated in the Near Protocol eliminates the need for native gas tokens of other chains.
  • Near Protocol now supports chain signatures, enhancing user access to multiple chains through their Near account.
  • Eigenlayer, a restaking project on Ethereum, partners with Near to enhance the security of chain signatures.
  • Chain Signatures feature is supported by a decentralized MPC network and secured through Near network validators.

“Multichain Gas Relayer” Integration:

The Near Protocol now includes a Multichain Gas Relayer, removing the requirement for using the gas token native to other chains for transactions. This integration simplifies cross-chain transactions for Near Protocol users.

Chain Signatures Support:

The Near Protocol introduces support for chain signatures, enabling users to interact with multiple chains using their Near account. This feature expands the usability and accessibility of Near Protocol across different blockchain networks.

Partnership with Eigenlayer:

Eigenlayer, a project focused on restaking within the Ethereum ecosystem, collaborates with Near to boost the security of the chain signatures network. This partnership enhances the overall trust and reliability of the Near Protocol’s expansion into multiple chains.

Decentralized Security Measures:

The Chain Signatures feature is backed by a decentralized multi-party computation (MPC) network, ensuring secure and reliable transactions across multiple chains. The involvement of Near network validators further strengthens the security infrastructure of this innovative feature.

Hot Take:

The integration of the Multichain Gas Relayer and Chain Signatures within the Near Protocol demonstrates the platform’s commitment to enhancing interoperability and security for users engaging with various blockchain networks. Collaborations like the one with Eigenlayer underscore the importance of partnerships in fortifying the ecosystem’s reliability and expanding its utility.

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