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NEAR Protocol Soars: Can it Reach 129% Gains or Face a Weekend Dip?

NEAR Protocol: 129% GAINS possible?
NEAR Protocol: 129% GAINS possible?

NEAR Protocol has exploded onto the scene, surging 376% since October 16th. But where does it go from here? JB dives deep, exploring potential 129% gains alongside cautious whispers of weekend corrections. Buckle up for a thrilling ride through the world of NEAR Protocol!

Charting the Course: From Breakout to Consolidation

NEAR Protocol’s recent price action paints a promising picture. After the initial breakout, it’s currently consolidating around $287, hinting at a possible launchpad towards $5.3 or even $684. Macro analysis suggests a wave 1-2-3 pattern, with a potential wave 4 correction before the final wave 5 surge.

Altcoin Rally on the Horizon: Will NEAR Protocol Shine?

With expectations of an altcoin rally, NEAR Protocol stands to benefit from the influx of Bitcoin money flow. JB meticulously examines weekly, daily, and hourly charts to pinpoint precise entry and exit points, maximizing your profit potential.

Targeting Gains: $465 and Beyond?

The minimum target? A promising $465. But there’s more! JB predicts a potential retracement to the $337-$429 zone, offering a second buying opportunity. Remember, caution is key: uncharted waters and mixed stochastic signals demand a prudent approach.

Weekend Jitters: Short-Term Correction Incoming?

Brace yourselves for a possible weekend dip. While the long-term outlook remains bullish, short-term corrections are expected. Don’t despair! This may be your chance to accumulate NEAR Protocol at a discount before the final upward push.

Unlocking the Upside: Key Levels to Watch

JB identifies crucial price points that, if breached, could trigger significant upside momentum.

Remember: This is not financial advice. Always conduct your own research before making any investment decisions.

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