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Non-Fungible Book Club: A New NFT Project on VeChain

VeChain 🟣 Non-Fungible Book Club
VeChain 🟣 Non-Fungible Book Club

In a recent interview, David, the co-founder of Non-Fungible Book Club (NFBC), discussed the project’s background, roadmap, community involvement, and why they chose VeChain as their platform.

Project Background

David got into crypto to combat fiat devaluation and found a passion for VeChain’s mission and two-token system. He saw a gap in the visually-focused NFT world and created NFBC, a platform for creators to push audio content and writings as audiobooks in the NFT space.


The beta version of NFBC has been deployed, and users can mint NFTs, token gate content, and host content. The team’s goal is to challenge web 2 models, like Spotify and Audible, by offering artists more revenue.

Community Involvement

To become a core holder, users must obtain the Codex membership NFT through a gamification process involving collecting bookmarks. This process rewards early adopters and community members who contribute to the NFBC ecosystem.

For Content Creators

Content creators can get involved through NFBC has a free book mint ongoing and offers a means for artists to leverage the platform for up to 70% revenue share.

Bear Market Opportunity

David sees the bear market as an opportunity to build a landing pad for future users. He believes that leaving the space would make the bear market inconsequential.

Choosing VeChain

NFBC chose VeChain as their platform because of its low deployment fees, quick speed, and user-friendly features. David also believes that VeChain is a well-respected blockchain with a strong community.

Thanks and Call to Action

The interview ended with a thank you and an invitation to like, subscribe, and share the video to support projects on the VeChain ecosystem.

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