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Polygon MATIC: Ready for a Pump or a Significant Pullback?


Polygon’s Matic has experienced a remarkable surge in value, with gains approaching 100%. However, recent price action suggests a potential reversal, with technical indicators flashing red flags.

Technical Analysis Reveals Bearish Signs

A closer look at the price charts reveals a breakdown below the 50 SMA and 50 EMA on both the weekly and daily timeframes. This could indicate a move towards the 200 EMA, a key support level.

Elliott Wave Theory Suggests Further Downside

The analysis aligns with Elliott wave theory, which suggests a five-wave impulsive move to the downside. This pattern typically precedes a reversal to the upside.

Oversold Conditions Hint at Potential Upside

Despite the bearish signals, the stochastic positioning for Polygon Matic across 4H, 8H, and daily timeframes indicates oversold conditions. This could suggest a potential bounce back to the upside.

Fibonacci Levels Provide Predictability

JB notes that Polygon Matic’s chart adheres to Fibonacci levels, making it more predictable. This could help traders navigate the potential correction.

Concerns Over Larger Correction

However, there are concerns that the correction could extend further if key levels like the 200 EMA are breached. This would lead to a more bearish outlook.

Potential Short-Term Targets

Short-term targets for Matic could range between 69.3 cents and 64.4 cents. If the correction intensifies, deeper levels could be reached.

A-B-C Structure and Bearish Scenario

The overall expectation is for a pullback followed by another move to the upside, potentially forming an A-B-C structure. However, a more bearish scenario, with a decline below the 200 EMA, cannot be ruled out.

Bearish Sentiment and Significant Pullback Ahead

JB expresses a bearish sentiment, anticipating a significant pullback before the potential for higher prices for Polygon’s Matic.

Investment Caution Recommended

Investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.

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