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Potential Altcoin Trades for the Week, with Solana Leading the Way

Altcoins Getting Ready To MOON!!
Altcoins Getting Ready To MOON!!


In this article, we will discuss potential trades for five different altcoins: VeChain (VET), Arbitrum (ARB), ACH, Rose, and Solana (SOL). We will also focus on Solana’s potential for significant upside opportunity.

Altcoin Trades

VeChain (VET/USDT)

JB analyzes VeChain on the four-hour timeframe, expecting a push to the downside before a potential move to the upside, targeting an area between 1.740 and 1.822.

Arbitrum (ARB/USDT)

Arbitrum is examined with Elliott wave theory, anticipating a further drop before a retracement to levels between 83.38 and 86.19.


ACH is reviewed, and JB predicts a downward move before targeting a range between 1.5 double eight cents and 1.670 on the upside.


Rose experiences a sharp drop, and JB expects a return to equilibrium before aiming for a move between 4.2 double seven cents and 4.427.

Solana (SOL/USDT)

Solana is discussed with a potential retest of an area between 19.1 cents and 18.8 cents before considering an upside move, possibly between 19.79 and 20.36.

Solana Upside Opportunity

JB suggests consulting with VRVP regarding this opportunity. JB mentions a previous high-volume area as a point of interest. There is anticipation of a test of the 200-day moving average (AMA) on the upside. Expect a volatile ride ahead for Solana.

Trading Results

JB closed a 26% gainer on a Solana short and a 30x short on Arboretum, making a 145% profit. Jason closed a 15x short on V chain. Last week saw gains of 135% on an ARC short and a 16% profit on an FL short.


The altcoin trades discussed in this article are based on technical analysis and are not financial advice. Viewer discretion is advised, and trade decisions should be made with careful consideration.

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