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Post: Prisma Finance Hacker Claims “Whitehat Rescue”: $11.6M DeFi Exploit Twist

Prisma Finance Hacker Claims “Whitehat Rescue”: $11.6M DeFi Exploit Twist

Key Points:

  • The hacker of the Prisma Finance DeFi protocol claimed the exploit was a “whitehat rescue” and expressed interest in returning the stolen funds.
  • The hacker sent an on-chain message approximately six hours after the hack, stating the intention for a refund.


The hacker responsible for the $11.6 million exploit of the DeFi protocol Prisma Finance is asserting that the attack was actually aimed at rescuing funds rather than a malicious act. This unusual claim has sparked discussions within the blockchain community.

The on-chain message sent by the hacker around six hours post-exploit signifies an attempt to open communication channels for returning the stolen funds. This move raises questions about the hacker’s motives and an unexpected turn of events in the aftermath of the attack.

Hot Take:

The hacker’s surprising assertion of a “whitehat rescue” adds an intriguing twist to the typical narrative of cyber attacks in the cryptocurrency space. It highlights the complexities and ethical considerations present in decentralized finance systems, underscoring the need for robust security measures and protocols.

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