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Post: Project Awakening: A New Blockchain Game in the EVE Online Universe

Project Awakening: A New Blockchain Game in the EVE Online Universe

Key Points:

  • Project Awakening is a new blockchain game set in the same universe as EVE Online.
  • The next playtest/hackathon for Project Awakening is scheduled for May 21.
  • The game will be a single-shard survival experience focusing on survival, rebuilding, and combat.

Project Awakening in EVE Online Universe:

Project Awakening is an upcoming blockchain game that will exist within the same universe as EVE Online, a popular game developed by CCP Games. This connection may provide fans of EVE Online with a familiar and related gaming experience.

Next Playtest/Hackathon and Closed Beta:

The next opportunity for players to experience Project Awakening will be during the playtest/hackathon set for May 21. Interested individuals can currently sign up for the closed beta, indicating CCP Games’ progress in opening up access to the game for testing and feedback.

Single-Shard Survival Experience:

Project Awakening aims to offer a unique gameplay experience by being a single-shard game, which means all players will exist in a unified world without being separated across different instances. The setting in a deteriorated civilization in space suggests a thematic focus on survival, rebuilding, and engaging in combat within the game.

Hot Take:

Introducing Project Awakening within the EVE Online universe adds depth and continuity for fans of CCP Games’ creations. The emphasis on a single-shard experience could foster a strong sense of community and immersion for players delving into the survival-focused gameplay of Project Awakening.

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