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Post: Proposed Framework for Embodied Artificial Intelligence: The Path to Achieving AGI

Proposed Framework for Embodied Artificial Intelligence: The Path to Achieving AGI

Key Points:

  • A team of researchers from Huawei’s Noah’s Ark Lab in Paris has proposed a framework for “embodied artificial intelligence” (E-AI) that they believe will be crucial for achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI).
  • AGI refers to AI systems that can perform any task, and companies like OpenAI are dedicated to developing this technology.
  • Previously, experts believed that scaling up transformer models, such as GPT, would lead to AGI.


The researchers argue that having a body is essential for AI to understand action, memory, and experience. They believe that while previous approaches focused on scaling up transformer models, the emphasis on embodiment and the interaction with the physical world is crucial for achieving AGI.

Their proposed framework, embodied artificial intelligence (E-AI), aims to enable AI systems to have a body and interact with their environment. By incorporating physicality, perception, and cognition, the researchers believe that E-AI will be a significant step towards AGI.

This research challenges the notion that scaling up transformer models alone can lead to AGI and suggests a more holistic approach that integrates physical embodiment with AI systems.

Hot Take:

This research highlights an important aspect of AI development that has often been overlooked: the role of embodiment. While scaling up transformer models has shown impressive results in many AI applications, it is clear that understanding action, memory, and experience is best achieved through interaction with the physical world.

By incorporating embodiment into AI systems, we may see advancements in areas such as robotics and natural language understanding. This research opens up new possibilities for AGI development and encourages a more comprehensive approach to AI research.

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