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QUANT Price Analysis: Is a Bearish Correction Imminent?


In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, investors are constantly on the lookout for potential price swings and market shifts. In this in-depth analysis, we delve into the recent price action of Quant (QNT), exploring bearish signals, chart structures, and technical indicators to assess whether a downward trend is brewing.

Bearish Signals and Price Action Analysis

A careful examination of Quant’s recent price action reveals a change of character, indicating a potential shift towards bearish sentiment. Smart money concepts further reinforce this observation, suggesting that Quant may be headed for a correction. On the 1-hour chart, key indicators such as the 50 EMA, 50 SMA, and 200 EMA provide additional support for this bearish outlook.

Chart Structures and Oversold Conditions

A closer look at Quant’s chart structures reveals ABC patterns, suggesting a potential downside move. The analysis delves into the details of this downward move, identifying potential targets and considering the possibility of nested structures that could lead to a larger correction. Additionally, the stochastic indicator points to an overbought position, further signaling a potential correction.

Overall Bearish Sentiment

Combining the insights from chart analysis and market conditions, the overall sentiment for Quant leans towards bearish. This cautious approach is further supported by the ongoing delays in Bitcoin spot ETFs, which have created a more risk-averse environment.

Doubt Regarding Impulsive Breakout

The recent impulsive breakout to the upside is met with skepticism, as the analysis questions the validity of the current wave count. The possibility of an A, B, and C structure is considered, but uncertainty remains.

Technical Indicators and Signals

Technical indicators across daily, 8-hour, and monthly charts further support the bearish outlook. Indicators such as volumes, RSI, and Cheeky Cipher indicators suggest that the downside trend may continue. Additionally, money flow, VAP, and sell signals reinforce this bearish perspective.

Weekly Outlook: Bulls vs. Bears

The weekly analysis focuses on the ongoing battle between bulls and bears. The close above or below the 50 EMA and 50 SMA will be crucial in determining the outcome of this battle. The prediction favors the bears, suggesting a conclusive outcome in the near future.

Market Bottom and Future Predictions

The personal opinion expressed is that the bear market bottom may not have been reached at $83. Instead, a potential retest of the $60 or $50 level is suggested. Investors are encouraged to wait and observe market developments before making any hasty decisions.

Trading Advice and Conclusion

In light of the bearish outlook, traders are advised to exercise caution and employ tight stop-losses to protect their capital. While the market may present potential opportunities amidst the fluctuations, it is essential to prioritize safety and risk management.

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