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QUANT PUMPING: Is $128 The Target?

QUANT is PUMPING! Is $128 The QNT Target?
QUANT is PUMPING! Is $128 The QNT Target?

In this video, JB from Crypto JHB analyzes recent Quant (QNT) chart movements and potential future scenarios.

Quant Analysis

Quant has seen fantastic gains recently and JB believes there is room for more upside. He previously anticipated a retracement between $14.89 and $18.60, but Quant instead reached $115.50.

JB analyzed the chart structure and observed three waves down, corrective moves, and a bullish change of character. He also noted a strong low on the charts using smart money concepts, indicating potential further upside.

Short-Term Target

JB is targeting $106 to $121 in the short term, with a potential explosive move to $128 if certain levels are breached. He is cautious about the possibility of a diagonal pattern due to its impulsive nature.

Daily and Weekly Charts

On the daily chart, JB discussed the strong high at $114.3 and potential moves to the upside. On the weekly chart, he highlighted the significance of the weekly close around the $111 area. He noted that bears and bulls are fighting for a close above or below $111.60, which is crucial for the weekly outlook.


JB encouraged viewers to like, subscribe, and tap the bell for more updates. He also advised safe trading and wished everyone a enjoyable weekend.

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