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Post: Robinhood Users Prefer Direct Spot Bitcoin Trading Over ETFs

Robinhood Users Prefer Direct Spot Bitcoin Trading Over ETFs

Key Points:

  • Direct spot Bitcoin trading is more popular than Bitcoin ETFs among Robinhood users.
  • Only 5% of crypto trading on Robinhood is through Bitcoin ETFs, while 95% is done through spot trading.
  • The use of Bitcoin ETFs is viewed as additive rather than cannibalizing spot trading.


According to Jason Warnick, the CFO of Robinhood, the majority of cryptocurrency trading on their platform is still done through direct spot Bitcoin trading instead of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Only 5% of Robinhood users engage in trading Bitcoin ETFs, while the remaining 95% opt for spot trading. Warnick sees the use of ETFs as an additive rather than a replacement for spot trading. While some users have shifted from spot trading to ETFs, it is not the norm, and overall, the company views this as a positive development for their platform.

Hot Take:

Despite the popularity and growing interest in Bitcoin ETFs, it appears that direct spot trading is still preferred by Robinhood users. This indicates that traders may prefer the flexibility and control offered by spot trading rather than relying on ETFs. It also suggests that users on platforms like Robinhood are more actively engaged in the cryptocurrency market and prefer to manage their positions directly. As cryptocurrency adoption increases, it will be interesting to see if the demand for ETFs evolves or if spot trading continues to dominate.

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