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Post: Super Bowl LVIII Advertisements: Exploring the Shift from Cryptocurrency to Humor and Entertainment

Super Bowl LVIII Advertisements: Exploring the Shift from Cryptocurrency to Humor and Entertainment

Key Points:

  • Companies like BMW, Budweiser, State Farm, Oreo, DoorDash, and Hellman’s Mayonnaise are planning to advertise during Super Bowl LVIII.
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges are reportedly not prominent in the lineup of advertisements for the big game.
  • The theme of the ads for this year’s Super Bowl is expected to focus on “fun, humor, and entertainment” rather than AI and crypto firms.
  • Cryptocurrency firms, such as FTX, eToro,, and Coinbase, advertised during Super Bowl LVI in 2022 but faced challenges afterward, including lawsuits.


Super Bowl LVIII is set to feature advertisements from various well-known companies in industries like automobiles, food, and insurance. While cryptocurrency exchanges made a splash during the previous Super Bowl, this year seems to be taking a different direction. The focus is shifting toward ads that prioritize humor and entertainment, rather than AI and crypto companies. This shift may be due in part to the challenges faced by cryptocurrency firms, including lawsuits and collapses, following their Super Bowl LVI advertisements. It appears that companies are opting for a safer approach this time around.

Hot Take:

The absence of cryptocurrency exchanges from Super Bowl LVIII advertisements may reflect a more cautious approach by these companies. With recent challenges and increased scrutiny in the crypto industry, it is understandable that they may choose to take a step back from high-profile advertising. However, this does not necessarily indicate a decline in interest or relevance of cryptocurrencies. It may simply be a strategic decision to focus on other marketing channels or to wait for more regulatory clarity before investing in large-scale ad campaigns.

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