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Post: The Importance of Layer-2 Networks for Bitcoin: Exploring BTCFi and BRC-420 Tokens

The Importance of Layer-2 Networks for Bitcoin: Exploring BTCFi and BRC-420 Tokens

Key Points:

  • Jeff, the founder of Merlin Chain, believes that layer-2 networks are more important for the Bitcoin ecosystem compared to Ethereum.
  • Bitcoin decentralized finance (DeFi), known as BTCFi, is gaining popularity with the introduction of Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens.
  • Jeff explains the difference between BRC-420 and BRC-20, with BRC-420 focused on modulized data and tokenized modules.
  • An example is provided where an artist could use BRC-420 to distribute an album on-chain and tokenize it into multiple shares for fans to purchase.


Jeff’s argument highlights the importance of layer-2 networks for the Bitcoin ecosystem. While Ethereum is capable of handling most of the innovation on layer-2 networks, Bitcoin faces challenges in this area. The BTCFi movement, with the introduction of BRC-20 and now BRC-420 tokens, aims to bring DeFi to the Bitcoin network. BRC-420, in particular, allows for the modularization of data and tokenized modules, enabling new use cases such as distributing albums on-chain and selling fractional shares to fans.

Hot Take:

The rise of BTCFi and the development of layer-2 networks specific to Bitcoin show the growing demand for decentralized finance options on the Bitcoin network. While Ethereum has been the primary platform for DeFi, the development of layer-2 solutions could help bridge the gap for Bitcoin and expand its use cases beyond just being a store of value.

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