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Post: The OPNX Exchange Closure: What to Know About the Emergence of OX.Fun

The OPNX Exchange Closure: What to Know About the Emergence of OX.Fun

Key Points:

  • Kyle Davies and Su Zhu’s exchange, Open Exchange (OPNX), is set to close on February 14.
  • A new exchange called OX.Fun has emerged as a potential replacement for OPNX, but the operators and their relationship with OPNX are unknown.
  • OPNX was created by the co-founders of the failed hedge fund Three Arrows Capital and was initially marketed as a reboot of CoinFLEX.
  • OPNX and CoinFLEX, however, were claimed to be separate entities after the founders got involved in a legal dispute with CoinFLEX creditors.


The closure of OPNX and the emergence of OX.Fun raises several questions about the intention and credibility of the new exchange. The lack of information about OX.Fun’s operators, particularly their connection to OPNX, may raise concerns among users. It is important for users to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with a new exchange, especially one with unknown operators.

The history of OPNX, being associated with the failed hedge fund Three Arrows Capital and the legal dispute with CoinFLEX creditors, further adds to the uncertainty surrounding the situation. Users should be aware of these factors and the potential risks involved.

Hot Take:

The cryptocurrency space is prone to scams and fraudulent activities, and the emergence of a new exchange with unknown operators should be approached with caution. Users should prioritize the security of their funds and consider reputable exchanges with transparent and trustworthy operators. Conducting thorough due diligence and seeking recommendations from reliable sources or communities can help mitigate potential risks in engaging with a new exchange.

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