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THIS ALTCOIN COULD 100X: A Comprehensive Analysis



In the latest episode of Cheeky Crypto, Chris welcomes viewers back and delves into exciting Bitcoin updates and a bullish crypto sector.

Market Overview

The total crypto market cap stands at $1.49 trillion, up 1.90%. Chris anticipates a market crash when the Fed pivots but remains optimistic about the last pullback before a bullish run to $10 trillion.

Investment Strategy

Chris stresses the importance of staying invested in the market during bear phases and highlights the health sector and biotech as promising areas. He also mentions the success of a project they enabled the community to join at the seed round, which has recently surged by 93%.

Highlighted Project – Rejuve.AI

Chris introduces Rejuve.AI, a longevity app in the biotech health sector, and praises the team’s hard work and the project’s potential. He discloses their earlier involvement in the seed round but suggests viewers conduct their own research.

Market Sentiments and Caution

While expressing excitement about green market trends, Chris senses a potential bull trap and criticizes bullish influencers for misleading followers. He also discusses Bitcoin and Ethereum’s recent performance.

Fed Chair’s Speech and Potential Market Impact

Chris briefly discusses Jerome Powell’s speech and potential Fed pivot, speculating on its impact on stocks and crypto. He emphasizes the uncertainty regarding the Fed’s timeline.

Institutional Interest in Crypto

Chris notes the return of institutional appetite as the market hits an 18-month high and highlights FTX and Alameda Research transferring $22 million in crypto assets.

Crypto Adoption and Regulatory Compliance

Chris mentions positive headlines encouraging mainstream crypto adoption but warns about potential tax evasion consequences in the UK. He advises users to report unpaid taxes voluntarily.

Crypto Stocks Performance

Chris points out the positive start of December for crypto stocks and encourages exposure to stocks with ties to the crypto market.


Chris wraps up, emphasizing unique insights and “Alpha content,” invites viewers to join the Discord, encourages liking, subscribing, and enabling notifications, and signs off with a friendly farewell.

Key Takeaways


This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Please do your own research before making any investment decisions.

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