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VeChain Price Action and Future Movements A Comprehensive Guide



VeChain (VET) is a blockchain platform that aims to connect businesses and consumers through a trusted data exchange. VET has seen a 5.09% increase in price from October 4th, and there are two perspectives on its future movements: a bullish one and a more conservative one.

Bullish Perspective

The bullish perspective is that VET is currently in a range between a swing high at 1.768 and a swing low at 1.631. The daily timeframe suggests the possibility of further upside before a potential correction. Additionally, VET has a strong community and a number of promising partnerships, which could support its price growth in the long term.

Conservative Perspective

The conservative perspective is that VET is still in a bear market, and there is a chance of a new bear market low, with a minimum expectation of a double bottom at 1.38. This is because the overall cryptocurrency market is still bearish, and VET has not yet broken out of its current range.

Investment Strategy

If you are bullish on VET, you may want to consider dollar-cost averaging below 1.5. This means investing a small amount of money into VET on a regular basis, regardless of the price. This strategy can help you reduce your risk and average out your purchase price over time.

If you are more conservative, you may want to wait for VET to break out of its current range before investing. This will suggest that the bear market is over and that VET is ready to start a new bull run.

Long-Term Expectation

The long-term expectation for VET is that it will accumulate value before the next bullish market. This is because VET has a strong foundation and a number of promising partnerships. Additionally, the overall cryptocurrency market is still in its early stages of development, and VET is well-positioned to benefit from the growth of the industry.

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