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Vechain: Recent Developments, Coinbase Listing, and Ecosystem Growth

The Future of Vechain and Blockchain Technology
The Future of Vechain and Blockchain Technology

Chris continues his Cheeky Crypto series, interviewing Jake from the VeChain team, discussing their recent developments, including their listing on Coinbase, and the growth of their ecosystem.

Recent developments

VeChain has been in an accelerated development mode, hiring 100 devs over three years. They are building both Enterprise Solutions and tools/services like Forge and V-Word Wallet for developers.

Coinbase listing

The Coinbase listing is significant for VeChain, providing accessibility to the American market and institutional-grade custody.

Ecosystem growth

VeChain has been reviewing the development of various products, including Feedback and a marketplace-as-a-service feature in SDK. They emphasize making sustainability ecosystems accessible and easy to build. VeChain is prepared for regulatory compliance in Europe with Mika.

Community engagement

They encourage involvement through VIP Bounty campaigns, community initiatives, and supporting teams and projects.

Unique value proposition

VeChain enables physical objects to have a digital identity through NFC technology.

Chris’s appreciation

Chris appreciates the engagement with the VeChain team and encourages viewers to like, comment, subscribe, and tap the notification bell for more content.

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