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XRP Event in NYC and Price Analysis: What to Expect

Is RIPPLE XRP Getting Ready To PUMP?!
Is RIPPLE XRP Getting Ready To PUMP?!


In this article, JB from Cheeky Crypto discusses the upcoming XRP event in New York City on September 29th and analyzes XRP’s price action.

Upcoming XRP Event

JB mentions the upcoming XRP event in New York City, expressing some skepticism about the announcements. He notes that Ripple has been making a lot of promises in the past, but few have come to fruition.

XRP Price Analysis

JB discusses XRP’s recent price movements, focusing on Elliott Wave theory and Fibonacci levels. He anticipates a potential push to the upside but also mentions the possibility of XRP dropping further. He points out the potential death cross on the daily chart, which could have bearish implications.

Weekly Chart

JB reviews XRP’s price history on the weekly chart and speculates on possible support and resistance levels. He notes that XRP is currently trading above strong support at $0.30, but there is resistance at $0.35 and $0.40.


JB asks for viewers’ thoughts and opinions on the upcoming XRP event and the coin’s potential price targets during a bear market.

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